courses regularly taught

ee 321: electronic systems

Upper division treatment of active linear and nonlinear electronic circuits. Analysis, design and testing of electronic circuits and subsystems with primary emphasis on the application of integrated circuit components and modules including active filters, signal generation, and data converters.

ee 360: communication systems

This course introduces analog and digital communication systems with an emphasis on system level concepts. Fundamental principles underlying communication systems will be studied, including modulation and demodulation, radio architectures and receiver structures, bandwidth requirements, SNR, pulse shaping, and synchronization.

ee 361: signal propagation

Signal transmission through both guided and unguided media. Distributed-circuit concepts, transmission line theory, and RF impedance matching. RF signal propagation, wireless channel modeling, and basic concepts in antenna theory. Emphasis on applications to communication systems.

ee 460: digital communication systems

This course focuses on advanced digital communication system design, analysis, and implementation. Random processes will be used to model communication systems and analyze their performance in noise. Advanced communication techniques will be studied, such as: multicarrier systems, spread spectrum, equalization, channel coding, and modern wireless protocols and standards.